Village Bake House

WHY… First, it’s a bakery.
Fresh bread with every meal.  Second, bottomless coffee.  And it’s GOOD!

Top likes:

  • The breakfast special. Two eggs, potatoes or fruit… And fresh bread.  $5
  • Chicken salad sandwich on croissant. $7
  • Cheese Danish… Delightful, and fresh. $3

Thank you Village Bakehouse!     7882 N. Oracle Rd., Tucson AZ 85704


Rags to Riches

Sometimes, gratitude goes missing.  Life seems stuck and “thank you’s” cliche.

Fatigued, I stop.  Checking my heart, I find fear hunkered in the shadows. It’s icy grip choking the life blood out of me.   Desperate, I pretend.  Acting as if fear wasn’t there.  As if I was grateful for every little thing.  Suddenly, life starts to pop.  I can breath.  And things that bring genuine feelings of gratitude find me, again.

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First, Peace and Gratitude.

Then….  the sky’s the limit.

Peace is the alpha and omega. Peace is the way. In peace we are hearty and healthy, and ready to serve. Aware of upset, confusion or indecision, we simply return to peace.  Our reward: respect and support.  In respect, we treat others kindly. Supporting others, we are supported.

  • Writers who give the child in us, sweet dreams.
  • Teachers who show us the way to see, what we can’t yet see.
  • Parents and Caretakers who help us develop our wings.
  • Builders and automakers who keep us safe, warm and protected.
  • Farmers who give us our daily sustenance. Especially, them.
  • And all who pick us up when we fall… And help us on our way.

Without each other, peace is only a word. Together, we all win. Can you think of a better definition for “love.”

Blessings, H

What’s it all about

The bottom line…. wouldn’t it be nice if we had the bottom line to important things in life.  Financial freedom. Relationship bliss.  Radiant health.  Easy A’s.  Control over that elusive state called happiness.

The goal of this blog is to share all the bottom lines I’ve found.  Sound crazy? Maybe. But what if it was true. What if you read something here that actually worked for you.  Something simple that saved you in an a class you were failing.  Magically placed you right in front of the man or woman of your dreams.  Or offered you an idea that gave you the shivers.  One you hopped on and road it all the way to the bank.

Would you be willing to try it?

I’ve spent my life looking for “bottom lines.”  I think I’ve found a few.  I’ll share.  Check it out, see if they work for you.  If they do, great!  Send me a note and let me know how it goes.  I’m still gathering data.


Simple Ideas… in a world of details